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基督教永恒生命馆 | Perpetual Garden Christian Columbarium Nirvana Shah Alam




Life is like a blooming flower.  Full of beauty and vigour.  

Through warmth and cold, its freshness prevails. But its life is short-lived.  It will soon begin to wither and die. So does our lives.Life and death is a certainty, it should not be seen as a phobia. Life after death could be enlightened again in full brightness, enshrined within the Shah Alam Nirvana Perpetual Garden Urn Columbarium.

Five petal-like shape forms the core of this Columbarium, surrounding an ever-flowing fountain. A garden like concept adds an air of peacefulness with an ambience of serenity and purity. Truly, the goodness in life continues here, and ever after…


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Double Urn CompartmentGround Floor Main Living Hall
1st FloorGround Floor
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