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Wakasa GOLD (1 Liter / 1000ml) | Sun Chlorella

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Sun Wakasa Gold® is the powerful liquid concentrate from the nucleus of the chlorella plant. It provides a unique blend of nucleic and amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, and beta glucans found exclusively in chlorella.


Replacing Chlorella Wakasa Gold®, Sun Wakasa Gold® has 32% more concentrated CGF, the powerful phytonutrient found inside the nuclei of the ancient chlorella algae. The newly added capsicum extract (from peppers) means that the formula is also more powerful, as this helps to aid the body's natural absorption and digestion process. The more concentrated formula means you take less each day and still get all the benefits you've come to expect!

  • Rich in nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) ; the essential factor of genetic growth and renewal of cel
  • Slows down the aging process
  • C.G.F. is obtained by extracting water soluble substances from chlorella cells
  • The concentrated C.G.F. with no additives, no sugar, no artificial sweetener, no caffeine and no coloring
  • Flavor : Apple-lemon with 40% C.G.F
  • 20 times stronger than the regular tablets

Recomended Dosage :

Recommended for those who need to regain their vitality quickly. It is best taken together with Sun Chlorella A Tablet 


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